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dacro Shower Niches
  • dacro Shower Niches

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    -Solid fully waterproof unibody structure.

    -Eliminates the need for timely construction works.

    -Easy to install, space saving, provides a safe and obstacle free showering enviroment.

    -Fast and efficient installation times.

    -Built in falls for drainage.

    -Does not support mould growth, soap scum build up, with no need for waterproofing, grouting or re-sealing.



    • Additional information


      Overall dimensions-L300mm x W300mm x D83mm

      Cut-out dimensions 272mm x 272mm



      -Locate the desired position for installation of the dacro shower niche.

      -Level and install two horizontal battens between the existing wall studs.

      -Test fit the dacro shower niche prior to tiling works.

      -The dacro shower niche is sloped on all sides by approximately 2 degrees to allow for water drainage, please ensure it is installed perfectly level.

      -After tiling works are completed the dacro shower niche can be installed by using a small bead of silicone to the back portion of the niche flange.

      -It is recommended that the protective film is left in place until the installation is complete.

      -*NOTE Cleaning only with warm soapy water, the use of abrasive cleaners will render warranty invalid.

      -Available in Brushed Stainless Steel or Matt Black finishes for a sleek and contemporary feel in any bathroom setting. Comes with a 2 year guarantee.

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